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Words matter

We turn speech into a digital asset

Words matter

We turn speech into a digital asset

What we do

We transform any media content into an audible text, using automatic speech recognition for innovative value creation.

Working internationally

We support multiple languages, different acoustic and linguistic models and dialects. Our global network of partners is right where you need us with the competencies for your local market and your international requirements. We work globally in real-time, in cloud, and on premises.

Over 500 customers

Hundreds of customers in different sectors and for multiple business applications have chosen Speech-i for their speech recognition projects getting 95.5% accuracy in Automatic Speech Recognition. We also provide speech analytics, multimedia monitoring, audio / video speech-to-text synchronisation, clipping, indexing, searching, archiving, and workflow solutions.

We support 24/7

Our 360° professional services help our customers from beginning to end of their projects including HW, SW, platforms, customisation, technical training, customer care, archiving options and many more.

Our solutions are used by governments and public authorities, private companies, higher education institutions, publishers, content and media producers, digital marketing and consumer analytics companies. We aim to enable computers to decode human speech better than humans can.

Key features

Explore what Speech-i offers


How we produce more than 4,000,000 hours of transcription per year for worldwide customers, while we do it in the cloud, on premises and real-time. How we serve more than 200 public authorities and more than 500 customers with full services in ASR, how we are integrated with contact centres, sematic engines, analytic tools, reporting systems, and workflow platforms.


How we provide 95.5% ASR Accuracy in sectors such as:

Public Administration
Utilities and many more…

How our intelligent speech recognition solutions improve accuracy day by day, how we customise acoustic and linguistic models, how we integrate with audio systems and provide speaker independency in any environment.


How our Research and Development Laboratory constantly enhance our solutions integrating international state-of-the-art technology, developing new functionalities, adapting to the ever changing market landscape and how we deal with:

Real-time transcriptions
Meeting recordings
Board of directors transcriptions
Contact centres
Call analytics
Legal transcriptions
Advertising monitoring
Media monitoring


Start at £1 per hour to automatically transcribe your audio / video content.

Flexible, fast, and smart to accommodate any customer’s needs.

It’s time to turn your multimedia content into a digital asset using speech recognition for innovative value creation.

Speech-i Limited is a part of Cedat85 Group

Cedat85 Group has been providing speech-to-text solutions for more than 35 years to over 500 customers internationally

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